Projects: examples of Heightwise scaffolding in Auckland

If you’re looking for scaffolding in Auckland, you’ll find the Heightwise range perfect for all types of low-rise developments (new homes, industrial, commercial, and property developments) including renovations, leaky building repairs and interior work.

Here are examples of projects that Ringlock scaffolding is perfect for…

Residential scaffolding projects

Three-storey contemporary home with pool

A stunning contemporary home with expansive outdoor connections. The raking roof creates internal volume and elegance – and construction is simplified (and safer) with Ringlock scaffolding.

Architecturally-designed home on a steep site

Steep sites need ultra-safe scaffolding: and Ringlock is perfect for the job. High ceilings require internal scaffolding towers.

Commercial scaffolding projects

Multi unit residential buildings

Multi unit residential projects are our speciality, whether it’s stand-alone detached houses or terraced/multi unit developments.

Crescent-shaped childcare centre

Assembling the scaffolding for a curved building is no mean feat! Happily, Ringlock is quick and easy to install – even for complex construction jobs like this.

If you’re wondering whether we have the scaffolding (and know-how) for your job – just ask us!

We’ll be happy to help you with your scaffolding in Auckland.

Scaffolding hire:
Auckland service areas

Heightwise scaffolding hire is available in central Auckland, extending to East Tamaki and Howick in the east; to Manukau in the south; to the west as far as Kumeu; and to Albany on the North Shore.

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